Monday, September 15, 2014

Daughter Time

Hey! How is everybody?  I was fortunate to visit my daughter recently and took some pics along the way.   Actually I just got home!

These framed botanicals were in my house many moons ago.  I bought a book on Mississippi native wildflowers probably close to 25 – 30 years ago.  The book was full of these and I framed quite a few.  I found the frames  super cheap and I initially painted them all gold.  They are repainted in blues and green colors now in her place.

I can’t help but to laugh!  My daughter and I really got deep into flowers while I was there!

You can read about her dining table ~ the After and Before here

We did her apartment on a strict budget.  So much of it was found on craigslist or garage sales or great sales.

We drove over to Lake Jackson which is in Florala, Alabama but close to the Florida state line.  Somebody greeted us before we got out of the car!  I think he was expecting a treat or two from us.  He was a professional model and posed very well!

Lake Jackson is a 500 acre lake.  Very pretty and had a nice breeze blowing when we were there.

Rain was coming so we didn’t stay long.

Back in her yard, taking a few pics of the flowers.

Somebody was being a ham and wanted his picture taken.

My granddog Jacques.


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