Monday, August 4, 2014


Hey!  I hope you had a good weekend.  We went out of town and I ran across this tablecloth.  It’s full of such pretty colors that I can use it with a lot of things.  It’s got a vintage look and has stains on it so I am assuming it is vintage.  I didn’t think to ask I was so excited about the colors!

Bought this painting a good while back and still haven’t figured out where I will hang it.  For now it gets to be in vignettes!  Ran across this percolator too.  Have you seen one like this before?  It’s very small.

Old rose heads!  Love using them!

Isn’t she a pretty tablecloth?!  I know white is really popular right now and I like using it some.  But can you imagine this post without all the color?!

Color enriches our lives.  Look at the trees, the grass, and oh the flowers!

I have an interesting post I will be posting Tuesday or Wednesday this week.  It’s not about decorating but I found it to be fascinating!  Can’t wait to share with you!



  1. I have one of those percolators but it has birds on it. I love it! Yours is pretty too.

    1. Thank you Ann! I don't remember percolators this small, I wonder when they were made.