Thursday, August 7, 2014

Coloring Your Home Like Betsy Speert

Color!   Pattern!  It can be your best friend.  Without color our homes would be bland and depressing.  It’s always up to you how much goes into your home.  If you have a neutral palette in your home, you can bring in color numerous ways to give it life.

Today we will “color” with Betsy Speert.  Betsy is an author, designer, blogger and decorator.  She has decorated numerous homes including celebrities!  Her talent has been shown in many well known magazines.

This is her country cottage.  She has white walls and white slipcovered furniture.

 Betsy used a cabbage rose fabric on her pillows and two of the slipcovered chairs. This fabric brings in a lot of pattern and color into the room.  The blue linen drapes blend with her beloved cabbage rose fabric.   There are plates above her windows that tie in to her colors.

 I love how the painted wood around her bookshelves is the same blue as her drapes. Notice the tole trays she has above the bookshelf.   The coral color gives the whole room oomph and warms it up a bit.  It also brings out her wood floors. 

There is something she did in here that is very smart and that is her faux window on the right.  It’s not a window but a wall with the linen drapes and blinds.  She had it trimmed out to appear as a window.  But instead of a window there is a mirror.  Very smart lady!  That balances the room because of the window on the left. You can read about it  here.

Betsy used Benjamin Moore White to give her the right white on her walls.  Plates around the large mirror over the fireplace.  A tole tray above it all.

Betsy has been collecting cow art for several years and has an extension collection of 21 cow paintings!  The white walls are a great backdrop for her cow collection.  You can read more about it here.

Her cabbage rose fabric.  Her favorite colors are red, pink and green so it’s no wonder she loves this!

Looking into Betsy’s dining room from her living room.  You can see how well the two rooms blend together.  Her extensive cow paintings are seen in there as well.  I love the fact that she uses faux flowers in her home!  They add so much to a room.

This is what dictated her color scheme on this floor!  The blue in the chandelier matches the leaves in her cabbage rose fabric.  The upper part of the walls in the dining room are wallpapered in a blue that matches the blue of the linen drapes used in the living room and dining room.

It’s all in the details here.  She has beautifully woven the blue through the two rooms and gave her loved cabbage rose fabric a starring role.  It’s visually a feast and a dessert!



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  1. She is one of my favorites too!! I understand that she is working on a fabric line....I can't WAIT to see it!!