Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fruit Plates with Spring hyacinth

Fruit Plates with Spring hyacinth

I hope everyone is doing good today. I am having one of those days where I can't make up my mind. You probably know someone who gets their clothes picked out the night before so in the morning everything is ready to go. I never was like that, I could have it all picked out and ALWAYS the next morning it was totally not what I was in the mood to wear. It's all about the day and the mood you are in and that can't be planned.

Well today I have been in indecision mode. But I do believe this pic shows Spring even in the indoors. The sun isn't out and cheery but I like that this pic reinforces the feeling of Spring. The plates came from a consignment store. I guess by now you can pretty much assume anything you see on here came from either a consignment store, garage sale or flea market. I am that kind of girl! Or I suppose woman is a more accurate term now that my youth is far away in my rear view window!

So I love the feedback I got from a post a while back but I am pleading for more! What's under your feet? Do you prefer carpet? What about wood? Wood laminate? Brick? Tile? Scored concrete? You see we are looking to redo the floor in our living room and I would love to hear from you on your feelings of your flooring OR what you would love to have!! So please leave me a comment here or on my facebook. I can't wait to hear from you!