Monday, August 8, 2016


Yesterday was one of those days.  The kitchen flooded because the ice maker broke.  Then it healed itself and came back on but instead of making ice it was water flowing out.  This occurred while my mister was outside and I was studying philosphy (asleep in the chair).  We got that cleaned up with every towel we own and a shop vacuum.  Then the sink started leaking.  Then the mister got the sink fixed.  I started on laundry yesterday afternoon, it's 4:32 am and I am still drying clothes (that would include every towel we have).  My dryer isn't getting hot enough but I don't want the clothes to sour.  I have acquired a good arm for making little pieces of ice that rivals Sonic's ice!   I also know the dryer will be fixed when the mister has time this week to look at it.  See what I did there, I am practicing being grateful!

Meanwhile I have some shots from around the lake.. and the kitchen!

One solo goose, I don't know why it's alone today.

Crape myrtle blooms.

Let's jump in, it's too hot out here!

A hot hazy day at the lake with one Mimosa bloom.

Closeup of rain drops left on elephant ear.

And a few I took in the kitchen a while back that I didn't share.  I am still trying to figure out which way I want to go with the cabinets.  Indecision has a hold on me!

I still like my cabinets but don't care for the yellow look.  Can anybody tell me if I change the lighting out would that take the yellow away that I see?  We have the fluorescent lighting in there and I am really curious if that is the culprit.


It's all ash wood cabinets and am considering painting.  I am not sure I can get my mister on board.


The mantel in the living room is ash wood as well.



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