Monday, August 1, 2016

A Time For Bounty

August is here.  It's a time of harvest with vegetables and flowers.  A time to rejoice in your summer's toil.  A time to see the fruits of your labor, whether they were from one season or many more.
Simplicity does not equate dullness.  Zinnias from the garden, bell peppers and corn from the grocery store, I am glad for the freshness.  A melody of colors and textures are a feast for the eyes.  Knowing this bounty brings joy, so do other bounties though they may be tinged with sadness.
Area schools start very soon and mothers will be seeing their young off to begin a new season in their lives.
Both enter a new season and it will continue on for the duration of their lives.
A dance of giving for many years and then to receive the gift of seeing them soar.
A time of bounty.


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  1. Such beautiful pictures! School started back in my area today.