Sunday, August 7, 2016


As August has rolled in, I feel the sticky, steamy summer we have down here deep in Mississippi. As I ride through my small town I am reminded of the Edgewood mansion.  An old Southern mansion in disrepair.  Once a glorious home that was cherished by locals is seeking a new owner.  This home was included in many weddings, receptions and parties over the years.  I was able to tour it one year on our annual Tour of Homes.
It was a breathtaking tour!  The home was in need of repair at the time of the tour and only certain parts were open for viewing but I have never seen anything so grand.  When it was at it's prime it could and did rival any mansion, I am sure.

 Charles Spencer Butterfield built the home for his second wife, Vivienne Emma Horn Butterfield, around 1910 for a cost of $75,000. Butterfield was the son of John S. Butterfield, who along with Fred W. Norwood, built the sawmill at Norfield (Norwood-Butterfield). Charles sold his interests in the sawmill and was into some other business interests in Brookhaven. When he was close to his 60th birthday, he sold his mansion for $14,000, in addition to all of his other business holdings. He and Vivienne moved off to Florida, where they both died and are buried.

The Hannon family lived in this home for several years. Dr. Hannon who invented Hannon rub.  Dr. Hannon believed in natural remedies for his patients and Hannon Rub was an ointment he had created. It was quite popular back in the day, as locally told.





For some interior shots and interesting details of the story, please go here.


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