Thursday, August 11, 2016


I love pretty curtains and appreciate just how much they bring to a room.  If you google curtains they are a thin fabric hung just for decorative use.  Drapes are a heavier fabric that is used to bring formality to the room and insulate against weather.  Either way I love them!  They bring a cohesiveness to the room, a lushness and coziness.  When you choose curtains that have the same colors used in the space, they tie the room together.  Whether you prefer solids or prints they cocoon a room.  In fact with a patterned drape you don't necessarily need another pattern in the room unless you are a pattern lover like myself.


There are plenty of how to's on lining your curtains and the correct way to hang them.   But sometimes you may need a tip or two for achieving a better look  after you have hung them.  You may think oh no!  What can be done now, after I have hung them?


When I had these curtains that are made out of a cotton chintz made for my living/family room they looked a little skimpy to me when I hung them.  I didn't have them relined but used what I had on hand.  I had these lined red drapes and found I didn't care for them like I thought I would.  So they were hung behind the floral curtains.  It worked perfect because it really helped with the visual fullness and with blocking heat and cold.


Do you remember or know about the tips on making your curtains fuller?  Like for example putting something behind your curtains to make them stand out and look fuller?  I know some in the past used tissue paper in the top pieces.  But did you know you could use virtually anything to make them fuller?  I have a vintage stool tucked behind each panel.  It gives them a lot more fullness and shows the curtains much better.  You could even use a trash bag filled with newspaper.  The possibilities are endless.  Just always remember they are there so you don't trip on them!



Curtains can be expensive but what they give back will last for many years.  I know I will always be drawn to reds, greens and blues regardless of any current trend.  It will save you a lot of money down the road if you know the colors you love.  When it's time to replace furniture, the curtains won't necessarily have to be replaced. There are enough colors in the curtains that what furniture is bought in the future will work in here.




  1. Hi Jannie Pooh! Oh, I love your pretty curtains and they look so pretty in your living room. You really know how to mix prints too. I always have trouble with that. I remember the poofy valances from the early 90s and stuffing them with paper! Never thought of poking a little stool behind to make the curtains look fuller. Hope your wekk has gone well.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Thanks Sheila! I need a nickname for you, I just haven't thought of one yet. Oh yes, those nineties rocked and I still remember lots of tricks from then! Have a great weekend!

  2. I don't think I would of ever thought to have vintage stools behind my curtains to make them look fuller. I would love to but the Charmer is small and furniture close that its not possible. Love the chintz floral pattern..

    1. I had a few on hand and they were always in the way so I popped them behind them. I have used different things in the past. A few Christmases I hid some presents behind them, sshhh! Don't tell! Haha! It can be a great place to store small things and gives the curtains more oomph. Thanks Cathy!

  3. When I had balloon shades, I stuffed them with the plastic grocery bags. There were a bazillion bags in there when I took them looked like an explosion at the plastics factory :^0
    Blessings and thanks for the Christmas present idea...that would work beautifully in one of our bedrooms :^)