Monday, August 1, 2016

Carolina Irving

You don't have to be in the decorating world to have seen and admired Carolina Irving's work.  Her work has been published in magazines and is everywhere online from Pinterest to blogs.  Born from a Venezuelan family in Miami, then raised in Paris where she studied  art history and archaeology at the Ecole du Louvre.  She specialized in 17th Century Italian art and began her never-ending fascination with design and antique textile documents.

She is an art historian, was an editor at Elle Décor, House & Garden and Vogue Living, has a successful fabric line – Carolina Irving Textiles, and is the creative director for Oscar de la Renta Home. A busy traveler, Carolina has sources in France, England, Sweden, India and the Middle East for inspiration.


Carolina, center with her sisters. More here.

Carolina's Paris apartment in Cabana Magazine, photographed by Miguel Flores Vianna.

Elegant textiles from Carolina Irving's Paris home as well as her friend's, Penny Morrison Interiors. Cabana Magazine.

Architect Daniel Romualdez combined three rooms to create the Irving library/livingroom.

Layers upon layers in her home.  "Surround yourself with objects and colors that speak to you and make you dream, and don't be afraid to mix patterns." - Carolina Irving.
Her favorite pattern is stripes.  “I particularly like fabrics that are easy to live with, look handmade, slightly old and colors that are not jarring, but never beige…I’m not a beige person!”




Carolina Irving Textiles here.


Stripes!  Carolina's Manhattan apartment circa 1993.  Seen here.

Carolina and former husband Ian, 55, purchased their home in 1998.  Ian lives in their former home with present wife Emilie, 32.   You can see the influence from Carolina is still quite strong.

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