Monday, August 15, 2016

Pattern Play

There's some wonderful pattern play on here today.  Take a look at this English home with the chesterfield sofa covered in a blue stripe.
As seen in Architectural Digest this is the home of writer Amanda Brooks and her husband painter Christoper moved from New York city to his family's Oxfordshire, England farm with their two children.    But let's focus on her upholsery, shall we?!  Red chairs facing the sofa give the room a punch.  Blue striped chesterfied sofa, isn't it yummy!!
Robert Kime fabric on the sofa and the lampshades.  The sofa fabric is perfect!

Amanda and daughter Coco riding. The English really have the most beautiful surroundings.

Max Rollitt had this sofa done in Sanderson's Picotage.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 11.22.51 AM
Speaking of Sanderson, have you seen this wallpaper!!

How about this floral on the sofa?!  Are you a fan?

Or the solid sofa with the striped chair.  The floral drapes bring the room to life.  All seen at Sanderson.

No financial compensation, I am just crazy about pretty fabric!


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  1. Beautiful!! My favorite sofa ever, is your red floral one!
    These are all beautiful as well.