Thursday, April 3, 2014

Washed Clean



These photos comfort me.  It reminds me of a summer shower, in the afternoon.  As if all the hardships of the day are washed clean.  It reminds me of that feeling as a child you have after a day of swimming. A day that began by walking to the city pool, barefoot with a dime in your hand.  Maybe two.  The treats were a dime each and you always had to get one.  A hundred races of who would reach the other side of the pool first.   A hundred games of pretend only limited by time. You are so tired but it's such a soothing tired.  You released all that had been sitting on your young shoulders.  You are all dried off and if you grew up without air conditioning the fan is on.  Its so soothing that you know you will be asleep soon.




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