Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On the porch

Hey there! Today I am sitting on the porch, it's just too pretty to be inside. What are you up to? I want to show you this quilt I have had a few years and love the bright colors in it. It's just right for spring and summer, well,....I like it in the winter too, it's a mood picker upper! There's a few pillows I have collected over time and of course a glass of sweet tea. Drink enough of this and be on your way to diabetes! Do you ever think how lucky we are to live in this time? A lot of things are bad, I know, but there is so much more opportunity now in ways we never could have thought of in our youth. It is truly amazing to me when I see where my readers are from. That this woman could be communicating and sharing ideas with people all over the world is so amazing to me. That we live in a time that we can share our talents, thoughts, wishes, regrets and prayers with one another as if we were sitting beside one another. There are no barriers here, I see no age, color or gender. It shows how much we have in common, that we are drawn to the infinite gems of beauty surrounding us and we are driven to share with one another. That what I bring to the table is encouraged and delighted by you, feeds my heart and makes me grateful. I am truly grateful for my readers, everyone of you.


  1. and a GREAT BIG Amen to that. It dumbfounds me when I can look in your backyard, not even knowing where it is, and admire your lovely porch, flowers and décor. Who would have ever thought??? I just wish my Mom had lived long enough to enjoy this miracle! She would have been a wonderful blogger!
    Thank you for all of your time and effort to create these lovely visits.

  2. So sweet of you to comment. It is a blessing to me to create these posts, brings me pure joy!