Monday, April 14, 2014

Kitchen and Dining Room

Hey everybody!  Today is the day we tour my kitchen and dining room.

It's no secret I love green.  And red.  And blue.   But in the kitchen I really go for green!  I don't ever get tired of it.   Green walls, along with green countertops and of course the wallpaper with lots of green!  We are drawn to the light wood and thankfully went with that when we built our home.  As you see the stairs come down into the kitchen instead of the living room.  This has worked great for us.  When you have people over they always want to congregate in the kitchen.  Having the island and table works well but the stairs also work for extra seating and especially for kids.   I also like that the kitchen feels so open with the stairs here.

We didn't build with the open concept.  I had thought about it and asked around.  I was told over and over about the noise.  Think about three kids running around while you are cooking and your spouse is trying to talk quietly with someone.  Or you are engrossed in a movie and somebody decides to cook something and starts  banging pots and pans while you are trying to listen to the show.    My husband may like to watch football.  I don't care for it so I go in the kitchen and cook/pinterest/watch desperate housewives of somewhere or work on my next blog post!  There's also a cozy factor to me.  I like cozy rooms at night and a wide open room during the day.  But I imagine most of us do, don't we?

Okay!  To start with, no, I didn't know I had left our Merry Christmas framed photo up!  I got caught!

When we did the stairs I specifically asked for these balusters (I am hoping that's the correct name for them).  I liked the straight lines instead of the curved country look that was going around a lot.  I also like them closer together than you see on some stairs, it just looks more finished to me.

Now ya'll know I love pattern so here's the proof.   The bird wallpaper was my launching off point in decorating the house.  It can be overwhelming when you are starting from nothing.  Actually the truth is I started from the sofa we had when I started decorating.  Yes!  It had reds, greens and blue, which you see in the wallpaper.  I will go with a neutral wall color in the hallway or walls that are the center like in this photo below.  I use the neutral  color as a palate cleanser.  You know like in the high brow restaurants when they serve sorbet to cleanse your palate so you can go on to the next course.

Okay enough of me chewing on your ear...let's take a look.




I have always mixed woods, much more interesting to me.






I was fortunate to find a small desk that fits into this corner perfectly.  I use the hutch beside it for storage.  We had this built to use as a closet when we lived in a home built in the 1930's and the baby room had no closet, so we had this made.  It worked great for that.  We put another shelf in so it's very handy especially next to the desk.  We whitewashed it and it still looks great.






I simply use a chair from the table for sitting at the desk.


I found it especially compelling that a certain magazine  ran photos with similar flooring and cranberry color in late 2013!  I am seeing a lot of buzz over black and white floors, have you noticed?



The teacart holds our phone, etc.  Now in the next photo below I didn't go in very close but the mister has a thing for coffee.  We have everything you would possibly need to make coffee!  I have a lot of blue in the cabinets with the glass right now.  I change that out a good bit.  We love our light wood cabinets.  They don't make the room dark but add to the warmth.  Yes, we have a pot rack and it's used daily.




IMG_5055               Do you remember me going on and on about the old mirror I found and have had on the mantel in the living room?  Well, I have been wondering what it would look like in here and I really like it.  It shows up much better and gives the room a bit of mystery, like very old and a hint of gypsy with the old throw.  Now I have to figure out what I am going to do with the mantel!


IMG_3314     IMG_4912     I didn't listen when they said get rid of your brass.  I got these canisters at a consignment store and really love them with the decorative brass plates.IMG_4911     IMG_4851   IMG_5003


Hope you enjoyed the view!

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  1. Jan I love love love everything about your kitchen/dining area!!! My favorite of everything has to be that BEAUTIFUL wallpaper!!! I would never get tired of it!!! I think it's so neat how you incorporated actual pieces of furniture in your kitchen area. Hopefully, we will get to MS one day and I expect my cousin to make coffee!!

  2. Oh you always leave the sweetest comments! And yes your cousin thinks he is a expert at coffee making!