Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hey! Hope everybody is doing good!  Today I want to share a few vignettes I have done on my buffett.   This buffett is white and distressed, which is truly popular but  I tried it and I am going to paint it tomorrow.  Wish me luck I haven't painted a piece of furniture in a long time!  The paint color is more of a warm green than I usually go for.  We will just have to see how it comes out.  Of course I have stored a lot of things in it, so  the dining table will be the storage for the next couple of days!  I think the more warm green will work good in that spot since it doesn't get a lot of natural light. So on with the show.....I have had the buffett for just a few months so you can see I really like to do my vignettes on it with my concrete cherub.  I think I should name him since he's always in the spotlight, don't you?  Any suggestions?!



buffett purplebuffett purpleandgreen



buffett rose petals


buffettroses             buffett spring plates hyacinthbuffett







buffett pumpkins blueandwhitedishes



buffett mikasa plates



buffett rose petals






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  1. Hi Jan, I'll be down soon, let me know when you will not be home so I can stop by and take all the blue and white China I love the English also. Just make sure you give me directions to all the hiding spots! !!

  2. Hey Ricky! Honey you just let me know and I will have them stacked and ready to go for you! Thanks for following!!