Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mantel of Wisteria

Hey!  Hope you all are doing good!  I  have been working on the mantel.  The wisteria is so pretty so I thought I would break off just a little bit and bring it in.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it at first but I knew I needed to update the mantel for Spring.  So I put the real wisteria up and brought out my faux wisteria.  When did we start saying faux?  Wasn't it called silk just a few years ago? and before that it was plain old fake.  So faux is the fancy way to say fake!  So silly!  I love a little faux/silk/fake thrown in here and there.  It lasts forever if you store it right and can be beautiful.   Betsy Speert, a very famous designer uses a little bit of faux flowers in her home.  She is semi-retired but was a decorator for lots of famous folks including Steven Tyler!  She's written a couple of books on decorating and has her blog.

IMG_4185Symmetry is important but you don't have to use the same thing on each side as long as they have the same shape and height.

IMG_4181I like to elevate things.  You don't see that a lot in blogland these days but when you elevate something it makes it appear much more important.  Also, always try to vary your heights.  You want to have a triangle shape.  Here I am using my mother-in-law's books she gave us many years ago.  I wonder if my husband was the one who did the fancy coloring there!




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