Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Banana Leaves and Wisteria Tablescape

The sensible thing to do is to plan your posts ahead of time if you are a blogger.  However some of us aren't wired that way.  I can be sitting on the porch sipping tea early in the morning and spy something in the yard that was not noticed before.  It was the wisteria.  It's almost July 4th and there is wisteria blooming.  The banana plants are big now and have plenty of leaves.  So I made a dash for it and starting cutting away at the wisteria before the wasps and bees were awake to sting me.

The hydrangeas are starting to get brown spots on some of them so I went ahead a cut a few more.  They are a pretty green with a pink running through them.  I had trouble reaching the prettier ones but I was on a mission.

I got a workout from all the cutting and was now looking for a spot to do the tablescape.  It would have to go to the upstairs dining room (blog room!).  The light is usually good in there and I can get out of the heat.

But before I put this together I needed to eat breakfast since it was now 11:00 and I was shaking from low blood sugar.  So I popped some eggs in the skillet while I made more tea.  I caught myself just about to squeeze the lemon quarter on the eggs in the skillet.  You can judge how hungry I was now!
So yes, it's a little unusual for this time of year but that's a good thing.

The flowers always dictate what I do.  I am fortunate enough to have some things growing in the yard that I can use on my tablescapes.  The flowers themselves inspire me.  The hydrangeas are shown in purple pots that we bought some other plants in.  They were such a pretty color, why throw them out?  They pick up the violet hue in the hydrangeas so well.



  1. Your table is beautiful!! Who would have thought about using banana leaves?? The flowers are so ONE hydrangea didn't even bloom this year :^(
    I had to laugh at the lemon also reminded me that even though I ate my breakfast early this morning, I forgot to take my meds.....ooops....
    Thank you and blessings to you,

    1. Thank you Jaybird! I am so sorry about your hydrangea, you hear of that often. I suppose everything has to be to their liking. Many blessings to you!