Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sarah Vanrenen

I love the English and their incredible eye for decorating.  Sarah Vanrenen would be included in that.  She hasn't turned her back on color as we in the U.S. seem to have.  She is bold and has a keen eye.  Designing for over fifteen years she doesn't believe everything has to match in her decors.  It's not surprising she has such talent when you learn her mother is textile and interior designer Penny Morrison, of Irving & Morrison, that is Carolina Irving & Penny Morrison.

From Sarah's site here   She has worked as an interior designer for over fifteen years.  She has a strong belief that homes should be lived in and not monuments.  Her style is architecturally modern and simple with clean lines, sturdy and practical.  A home should look as though it has been lived in and the things in it accumulated with love and time by the owner, but still have a sense of togetherness.

Sarah loves to find individual pieces of furniture, textiles, rugs, lamps, artworks and is constantly scouring markets, galleries, and little places off the beaten track to find that sometimes wacky, but always original, and special piece, so that each home looks completely unique, and not the same as the last house she decorated.  Sarah reads her clients and adapts her style to their character and their lifestyle, so that no one walk into their home and says "oh did so-and-so do this?"
We will visit three homes displaying Sarah's talent.

 Sarah has brought the colors and charm to her husband's Wiltshire farmhouse.  When Sarah married her husband she had much work to accomplish to her husbands' 300 year old farmhouse.  His grandmother had lived there and he had lived there all of his life.

Country Farmhouse

There is a thread of red running through the house.

Master bedroom with an  embroidered linen bedspread bought at a flea market in France.

Decorated with green fabric, a sari fabric is one of the fabrics used and is used on the ottoman.

A lime and pink throw from India on the bed and a striped rug from Morrocco.

Chelsea Town House

This home is one of Sarah's longstanding clients.

Sarah's London/North Kensington Town House

For more about Sarah Vanrenen, visit vanrenendesigns.com



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