Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Living/Family Room 2017

Easter is fast approaching and I haven't shared the my Spring living/family room with you yet.   There's plenty of color and flowers to share.   Just by being born we are given so much color from the sky, grass and flowers.  I love to immerse myself in the colors nature provides.

The is very close to my home, as you can see we have greened up for Spring.  I love this spot, it always looks different.

Things were tweaked again in here.  This sofa was brought further into the room.  I scooted the reading chair into the corner behind it.  It sits further back than it appears in the photo.  It's a good spot for reading and Layla loves to watch the squirrels and birds here now.  On the chest, I brought the painting back in here of the red roof house with a garden of many flowers.  The two paintings are very different in style but I like the colors and it brings a little more happiness into the room.

New red and white pillow covers for each sofa from Etsy.

And I am have been working on a little something in my dining room.....

Stay tuned!


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