Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Mantel 2017

It has been some wonderful weather here.  This morning was chilly and I love chilly mornings.  It was just right for bringing in some Spring cuttings.  The wisteria is still looking pretty and the roses are robust this year.  I decided to Spring up the mantel in the living room.  I prefer the more is more look and especially the mantel.  It is such a natural spot for pretties and you can't overlook them up there.  It's almost as if they are on stage perfoming for us.

The bees were not up yet this morning so I was able to get a little wisteria without getting them angry at me.  The pink hydrangeas are dried.

This is the first official day of Spring but did you know that sometimes Spring comes on March 21st?  Yes it does but not often. 

Bradford pear blooms are plentiful.

Do you think this iris will fully open today?