Sunday, September 6, 2015


Hello!  Today we can enjoy a little Fall viewing, does that sound good to you?  Great, let's go for a short walk.

The view off my back porch.

What do you suppose these two are discussing?

There's been plenty of 'playing' on the back porch again.  Hydrangeas in a fallish red and brown are sitting pretty with my brass canisters.  These canisters are always in my kitchen but the light doesn't work near as well as out here on my porch.

Reaping the rewards of blogging over a year means I can pull out last Fall's beauty and sprinkle my posts with them way before the beauty actually shows up down here.

All on my old picnic table.  I actually hesitated on publishing this now because it really lends itself to a Christmas look.  What do you think? More Christmas than Fall in this look?  It's okay, I can take it!

Golden rod, I had never seen a field full of it before last year.  It was remarkable, the wind was blowing so the golden rod was swaying in the wind.  My daughter and I pulled over and got out and took photos with it dancing all around us.  It was almost like a scene from a movie.  Fall gives us so many amazing moments if we only look.

The Fall sky is awe inspiring.


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