Friday, May 23, 2014

The Beginning

Today I am showing you some photos from blog posts when I just began. I have many new readers that probably haven't seen these and I wanted to share these with you.  I shared photos with just a couple of sentences in the beginning.


Mercury glass holding red and pink flowers

This is a Pottery Barn pillowcase just big enough for the tiny table I have. I knew you don't usually hear of anyone doing that!  But it worked perfectly and if you have a  typical side table I imagine the flat sheet would work and it would be already hemmed.   I had berries left over from decorating for Christmas and these are the rose heads I popped off and on the plate they went.

My daughter received these roses and while she was busy I couldn't help but to 'borrow' them and get several shots of them.   I noticed how well they went with a plate I hang over my mantel and I started taking lots of photos.  The colors were complete matches.

The Japanese Magnolia painting was done by my daughter.  When our tree bloomed I placed the living flowers on top of the painting along with a painted plate.

When helping decorate my daughter's apartment during her senior year in college this is some of the things bought to complete the look.

This was put together on a particularly cold day.  I remember how warm the photo felt to me with the black fabric lit up by the warm sun.

This was the first photo I placed on my blog.  I was amazed that I actually got the bee in the photo!


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  1. Hi Janet: Just love all these colors. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  2. Thank you Martha! And thanks for coming by! I hope you have a great week.