Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Just a Little Pink & Purple

Hey!  Ya'll doing okay?!  I was putting this post together and an old friend messaged me some pics.  It gave me just the inspiration I needed!  How do you like my wisteria chair?!  Yes there's a little chair in there, you just have to look close enough!


IMG_4503The loropetalums were so vivid this year.  I saw many shrubs that have grown as tall as ornamental trees and are trimmed to appear as a tree.  When they bloom they are breathtaking.  They almost appear like an azalea tree!  If there only was such a thing.





The Japanese Magnolia has only a handful of blooms left.





Here they are sitting on a map of the world.  A scarf you can wear or use as a table runner!


I like the blooms  in a tarnished silver creamer.



IMG_4415The azaleas are about to explode!









With the cold spell we had a while back these hyacinths had to sit indoors a few days.  This is one of my favorite places to set up different vignettes.  Vignette Central basically!  This is where my concrete cherub lives most of the year!  He helps bring the look together with whatever I am doing.  I use to carry him around the house but he got too heavy for me and I decided that is where he will stay for now.  I have shared these plates on another post but I really like them with all sorts of flowers.




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