Monday, January 18, 2016

Styling Your Sofa

Thanks for stopping by today.  Pillows are the topic of the day.  First, what is your favorite style of pillow?  Are you a floral lover?  What about some of the new styles?  Do you love them or loathe them?  Do you have a new look you are enjoying?  It's so easy to style the look of your sofa anytime you like by changing not only the pillows but the spaces behind and in front of your sofa.

This is all about cozy!  A favorite winter look for me is to have the sofa in front of the double windows.  It may not be warmer but it looks and feels so cozy to me.  The sofa wears its' usual red with oh so many pillows!

The green in the pillows are brought out there with the tulips and green apples.

Smaller pillows can enhance a look.  White tea towel and blue and white runner draped across smaller blue pillows give an extra oomph to the look.  The blue is repeated on the coffee table with blue candleholder on a blue and white plate and blue pitcher with roses.

Just using a few extra items bring the room into the Fall season.  The Fall floral with yellow roses are sitting with the velvet pumpkins on the coffee table give solid clues to the season.  The solid green pillow and green throw are reinforced with the Autumn leaves behind the sofa so there's no doubt it's Fall.

June Beauties
There's no doubt it's a summer here.  The sofa covered in white says "It's summer!"  The blue hydrangeas in white pitchers sitting atop the floral runner that match the curtains insure it's a cool look for summer.

There are guidelines as to what looks best together.  I usually ignore rules.:)  They have rules for contemporary looks and traditional ones.  It makes my head dizzy to try to remember them!  Buy what you love, that's the only rule!  Seriously, you know as you grow older you are drawn to the same colors and look.  Sometimes it takes a while and you may try different looks until it feels like you.  When you find your look it's all good, the fun begins.  The colors and patterns will usually all play well together.  So enjoy!


I like the pillow cover a little larger than the sofa pillows as it is easier to maintain it.  I can fluff the pillow while it's in the pillow cover although I admit I can be guilty of having empty corners that give the pillows an "ear" look to them.   There isn't any down in the sofa pillows that I am aware of but they have a whole lot of give and are super squishy.


Fresh flowers from the yard compliment the Spring look.

A definite Fall look here with the throw and leaves behind the sofa.  The smaller pillows added the fall feeling.




  1. Hi Jan, and I love your sofa dressing! Shoot, your entire living room is so lovely!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Hi Sheila, it's so good to hear from you. Thank you for your kind compliments!

  2. Jan,
    Your pillows and throw make each Season take on an amazing complimentary look!!!
    Pillows on the sofa are something I struggle with.
    Our sofa came with four pillows. Two solid brown and two were contemporary polka dots.
    I immediately donated those huge polka dot pillows to our local Thrift Shop!!!
    Just this last week, I found two pillows that I think finally work!!!
    I, also, found a pillow cover for "Mr. Ed's" heirloom feather pillow!!!
    Busy week!!! Photos coming soon!!!

    1. Thanks Pat! I am so glad you found some pillows you are happy with. Thanks for coming by!

  3. Well they are all so lovely! My favorite (right this second) is the fall. I hoard pillows. I cannot sew, but, made a pillow for a seat in our bay window. It way a diy that just kinda went out of control. but there is a cushion/pillow there now. And a "rag" blanket to cover it, but that's a whole nother story. I still covet that mirror, by the way. And the couch.

    1. I can't sew either Princess. I tried to many years ago and let's just say that if the girls in my Home Ec class had not felt sorry for me I wouldn't have passed!

  4. All of your floral makes my heart go pitter patter! Love it, and all of your pillows!

  5. Love the influence pillows can have on a season. My problem is I have no where to store pillows so I just change out the covers. Love your mix of fabric, styles and colors.

    1. Thanks Cathy! I know, me too. I definitely just go with covers now. Now just to figure out what to do with all the smaller pillows I don't use anymore...