Monday, January 18, 2016

My Winter Mantel

I have been playing with the mantel.  There are plenty of mantels wearing a 'winter look' but I don't like white and bare since that's all you see in this season outdoors.  So I have just been doing a little rearranging today.  The color purple keeps appealing to me lately.  So of course there is purple on the mantel.

The mantel started as this but I got a little heavy handed with the flowers so I knew I needed to go with less.  My pretty plates were being blocked too.

This is where the mantel was before Christmas, just as a reminder if you forgot.:)  I really liked this look but it felt a little too preppy for me over time.  But then I may change my mind.

The plates were rearranged and a few flowers were taken away, much better!  My faux African violets pair well with the purple transferware.  I find the warmer purples in the transferware are more appealing to me.  This room has morning light so the warmer purple is prettier in this room since it receives cool light. The plates in the center, on each side, are called Autumn Leaves.  I had just one for a long time but recently came across another, they seem to be easily collected.  I noticed the new addition is very close to my original one but the latest one is more warm in color with more of a gold to it then green.

The mister's grandmother collected plates and he keeps reminding me that 'old women' collect plates and then start hanging them all over the house.  Hmm...not a bad idea, be careful what you say!  I am over 50, when does 'old' officially start?!

My mother loved African violets and I am always reminded of her when I see them.





  1. Jan,
    Absolutely beautiful, dear friend!!!
    I adore the African Violets!!!
    (I never did well with them, but do love viewing them.)
    Your "purple" hued plates are elegantly displayed!!!
    Old. . .never!!! Old is a frame of mind.
    That of which, you have a forever young frame!!!

  2. Oh Liz, you are always a sweetheart with your kind comments! I am lucky these African violets are faux because otherwise they wouldn't be alive, I am afraid. It's funny because my mister is much older than me! Lol!

  3. Beautiful Jan, I love your mantle all of the ways. So pretty! That's a funny comment about old ladies collecting and hanging plates. Shall we be old together? lol

    1. Oh yes, let's just be OLD!! Thanks Gina, you are too sweet!