Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kitchens To Adore

I am so glad you stopped by today.  There are  different styles of kitchens I would like to share with you.  I know white kitchens are all the rage now but it's fun to see different styles to appreciate all that there is.  I like both painted kitchens and warm wood tones.  What's your preference?

Green tiles against those copper pots, bliss!

Habibi Interiors here.

Elle Décor

Painted cabinets with that wonderful worn table.  A table in the kitchen is so much friendlier than an island.  Do you see your family gathered around this table?  Or having a friend over for coffee while you are baking something in the oven and the kitchen fills with the smell of fresh baked muffins.  I love the warmth of this kitchen, it really differs from the whole island thing.  Did we go wrong?  Should we have tables in our kitchens instead?

Segreto Finishes/ Joyce Horn Antiques

Very dramatic kitchen, look at that finish on the cabinets.  Notice the chandy!

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Nothing but wonderful features in this kitchen.  Wooden beams, light fixture, medium tone wood cabinets, French doors and that table!

Found on

Pretty almost ladylike kitchen!  I like the base of the island being darker as it grounds the room so well.

Pretty White Kitchen

I am in love with this floor and how about this kitchen!  I know you see all the windows with a great view of outdoors and the island wearing that green paint.  That's a truly working island with all the drawers.  Looks like a wonderful fireplace that you can cook in.  It's all so very welcoming.  The chairs are just perfect for this room.

kitchen with painted floors here.

And a side view of the kitchen.

Victorian Kitchen at Christmas

From Country Living

Wonderful old world feeling to this kitchen.  I love wood tables in a kitchen.

Richard Lowell Neas - Jacques Dirand Photographer

The former Joan Rivers' Kitchen ~ There is so much going on above the standard kitchen.  The ceiling is so dramatically high and the portraits are unique to a kitchen.

Custom Charles Edwards fixture. Hanging is the Large Clover Lantern with the Drum shade in tole and nickel here.

This is such a pretty kitchen with the painted white cabinets and soft color of blue.  I just wonder if I could cook in a pretty white kitchen, I think I would always be worried about making a mess!


Love the whole feeling in this kitchen!  Warm wood cabinets with painted wood floors that have been walked on and not afraid to show it!  Look at that oven!  You can definitely cook in here.


Cozy little kitchens have a way of drawing you in.  Look at the beautiful antique furniture being used in the kitchen.  Super organization  here with a definite vintage look.


The same kitchen from the opposite side. other view

Oz Architects

Found on

The Seattle Times here.

Grocery store in Russia
And ending with a grocery store in Russia.  Isn't it beautiful!



  1. Jan,
    All of these kitchens are gorgeous, dear friend!!!
    I absolutely loved my "Dream Home" eat~in kitchen!!!
    Vaulted ceilings, warm oak cabinets, two pantries,
    huge kitchen window the width of the double sinks. . .
    but when we moved to this side of the Prairie,
    none of those were to be found in homes within our price range.
    I have a Galley style Kitchen and I make the best of it.
    But, one can dream, can't they!!!

    1. Oh Pat, I didn't know you had to leave your dream home. I am sorry to hear that and I know that must be difficult. However your home now is so pretty and you have made it into such a cozy true home for you and Mr. Ed.

  2. They are all so lovely! I would dress-up to shop at the Russian Grocery! I have no idea what kind I like and I did try to figure it out. I have pinned several hundred. I love them all.

    1. I totally understand Princess! Thanks for coming by.

  3. Beautiful kitchens!!! I have a table, no island in my kitchen, and I love it! You can't move an island, but if I am making a BIG mess and need more space, I can shove the table over and spread out! My kitchen is mostly cream colored with wooden open shelves, table and chairs. I would like to have butcherblock counters, but hubster is not on board (pun intended) with that idea!!!!!
    Thank you for all of the inspiration, and blessings to you....

    1. Jaybird, I can just see your beautiful kitchen by the way you have described it. How lucky you are to have a table in your kitchen. Thanks for coming by and blessings to you as well!