Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cotton and Cattails

Hey!  How’s everybody?  The mister brought me some cotton and cattails when he recently went to the  Mississippi delta.  Yay!  I was so glad to get this!

I got ate up by a lot of itty bitty bugs that were too small to see.  If you are going to handle this stuff you should probably spray it with bug spray first.

My mister grew up next to  a farm in Louisiana and picked cotton in the summers growing up.  The cotton fields were behind his house and the bayou was in front.  He used to play in the bayou (pronounced bye) everyday when he was a young boy.

They use to play with the young alligators, the smaller ones, before they got big.   Catching catfish and crawlfish was an everyday thing after school as was helping next door neighbor, Rosie Brown, cast her fishing line from a bamboo pole to catch garfish for supper.

Weekend campouts on the banks with all the kids in the small community was a great adventure of discovery.  Frog hunting, nutria chasing, shooting snakes and whatever they could do to stay up all night was the highlight of every week.

I tell him we need to write down his stories ;)!!


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  1. So sweet of your hubby to bring those goodies back for you ~ so perfect for fall decorating. My kids are so spoiled, they couldn't even imagine picking cotton for 5 minutes, let alone all summer! They just don't know how good they have it!!