Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Centerpiece or Mantel

Hey!  How are ya’ll doing?  I am sharing the mantel with you and then I will show you the centerpiece using the same materials.  Yes, the photo is  really light.  I want to highlight the way I have the mantel decorated.  You can see in the first photo that I added more berries as compared to the second which shows the foliage better.  I am happy with both ways!

I bought the berries a long time ago.  They have been used for Christmas décor.  Actually when I bought them they didn’t have any glitz about them so I used a little glitter glue on them to give them a little sparkle.  The purple and green leaves were bought so long ago, it must have been in my past life.  Don’t have a clue where I got them but see ~ I held on to them and I reuse them every year at Christmas.  I decided to use them for Fall as well.

The center green bowl came with some fresh flowers.  There’s a really big wine colored candle in it.  Actually it’s stuck in the bowl, I can’t get it out!  The bugle horn I ordered, but don’t remember where from.   There’s a few dried hydrangeas in there as well.   I hold on to things I love and they always work together because I have stayed in love with the same colors.

Faux grapes in just the right colors.  I prefer this for a Fall look over the orange pumpkins especially inside.  Love the crimsons, wines, purples and green colors!

Same materials but used as a centerpiece!  Would be great for a Fall table lasting through Thanksgiving.

You can see the touch of glitter here on the berries.

Or use these at Christmas too as I do!  I just add a lot more to it!

Of course you have seen these materials used before.

On my…buffet!


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