Sunday, September 21, 2014

An Old Tray

Hey! How are ya’ll?  Sharing a hint of fall today with orange roses and burgundy and rust colored mums.  I brought out my old beat up tray that I love.  It lives in the living room on the trunk I use for a coffee table in front of one of the sofas.  Of course there are a couple of velvet pumpkins and squash.

I have found that if you hold on to things that you love or have loved they can be very useful.  This old tray for example.  I know many would discard it but the beauty is still there.  It’s like getting old.  The beauty isn’t as evident as it once was but it’s still got a little pretty going on!

The roses are in a ice bucket.  I usually use it for my cooking utensils next to the stove top.

Orange roses!  I really love the color of these!

Of course it doesn’t look like fall in my backyard, is it showing in yours?

I want to share with you a photo from last year from the backyard when fall was finally showing.

I don’t remember having much color down here in the fall but the last few years we have had some beautiful color!



  1. Gorgeous colors Jan! your dahlias look positively huge and brimming with color and your vignette with that beautiful black tray is wonderful. have a good day!

  2. Beautiful tray, and a great reminder! I have a lovely tray that was my Grandmother's....
    Now I wonder where did I stick it to "keep it safe"??