Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sugar and Roses

Hey!  How are ya’ll?  It’s Fall~ isn’t that wonderful!  I am so glad!  Don’t you love the cooler temps and the pretty colors that are coming!  In honor of fall I have a table set up with a fall look.  Since it’s in the middle of the afternoon we are going to have a blueberry cobbler.  I have vanilla ice cream to go with the cobbler and also pumpkin bread and pound cake.  That way if you don’t care for one there is a choice.

I have yet to bring out the white bowls.  I want the cobbler to be hot when it’s served so the bowls will not be placed until the cobbler is ready.

Did I mention that I rearranged my living room?  No?  Yes, I did!  But I didn’t like it and I re~rearranged it the next day.  The mister told me I wouldn’t like it but I was sure I would.  I was wrong!  I should have counted how many times I have rearranged the living room over the years.  The number would be near four digits, I am sure!  I tell the mister that it’s free shopping.  I get a different look and it doesn’t cost a dime!

But that’s not often now.  I also use to paint my living room quite a lot.  The mister says we have thicker walls in there now from all the painting that has been done.  He likes to joke, but I did go from green to blue a lot.

Blue willow plates with a green tablecloth.  I don’t use solid colors much on tables but thought this would be a good contrast to the blue.

By the way, I looked it up and we aren’t supposed to capitalize fall unless it is a part of a proper name.  But it sure looks like it should start with a capital F, doesn’t it?

The cobbler’s ready!  Come on over!


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  1. ooohhhh it smells wonderful from here! I know I'm gonna' like it!!
    I love your table....especially the knobbledy looking gourd!
    Have a good evening, and blessings to you,

    1. Nothing like just thinking about food to make you hungry! Thanks for coming by Jaybird!

  2. Hi Jan! Beautiful table setting, and I agree...the cobbler should be warm of course! Thanks for stopping by! Catherine