Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas

Today I have a special heartfelt message for this Christmas season. These are not my words, but Cathy Arnold Pigott's, a local designer. I hope this touches your heart, as it touched mine and many others.


Hey Jesus!
I work inside a beautiful building. I am surrounded day in and out with furnishings at times that others tell me they dream of such. I touch hand knotted rugs from India that take up to four months to make. I have access to a computer that can make dreams come true for homes. At times I present a presentation and the deal is done without one word of the amount. At times it is more then most make in a year. Jesus for some odd reasons at times the door opens and You show me what true wealth is.

Yesterday I heard the front door open at work. Becky makes her way to greet. One of the best greeters! I noticed the young kid walking around looking at the furnishings as we are behind the counter carrying on. After sometime he made his way past the counter holding nothing and we asked was he okay? He stopped with the sweetest smile. I wanted to know a little about his life starting with his age which he told us seventeen. I gave him a smile with the next question, "What do you do?" He stood very proud and replied, "I wash dishes." I asked a few more questions about his future and about school. He went onto tell us his dream of taking a vocational class at our nearby college. I encouraged him to go into diesel mechanic for there is money there. We all stood behind the counter encouraging him. His life story started to come out. I asked him if he struggled? I got the answer I knew was coming. He let us know that he works to help the family. He grandfather used his social security money to help him replace the heads on his truck. He was paying him back. (Amazing) I knew that was money and it was five hundred. A lot of washing dishes. (Amazing) Jesus these are people who live check to check. There is nothing left days before payday. His father is very sick. His mother is also sick. He spoke of his grandmother also. His parents are divorce and they don't like each other very much anymore. I could tell sadness.

 But now Jesus he stands proud of washing dishes at seventeen. For some odd reason my next question, "Are y'all struggling for Christmas dinner?" I got the answer with tears that I so knew were coming. I hear the sound of boots walking off to a door and I know the sound of a zipper being opened. More than one zipper opened. I work with people who, "Love You!" I hear a voice telling us to wrap some candles for this young man for his mother and grandmother. Becky and I walk around the counter and hug a seventeen year old that, "Washes Dishes" with such pride.

 Hell someone did something right is all I can say with most of these spoiled brats. I live in a society that is beneath most now. Bridgette reaches over the counter touching his hand. Christopher says something and he walks around the counter and shakes his hand. Christopher wants to know if he goes to church? I stand with a smile from this boss of mine with a heart that is amazing with giving to others. I open the refrigerator and place a ham on the counter. His candles are wrapped and he stands with tears in his eyes saying, "I don't know what to say?" We all stand behind the counter thinking the other way around kid.

Jesus You tell me why in the hell would a broke seventeen year old kid walk in J. Allan's with no money? Did he dream of such a life? Did he just want to see how the other side lives? Did he dream of buying gifts for his family?
Jesus at times I have sat at a table and sold over fifty-thousand dollars on one presentation. I walk up to the counter shake hands and Thank all for such and walk!

I know about Your life Jesus. You wash dishes with pride. You are broke. You struggle to place a meal on Your table for Your Birthday!

Thank you!

I Love You,

Hey Jesus!

You have taught me a lot in my life. You have taught me how it feels to reach for something up on a shelf for You. You have taught me how it feels to pick up gallons of milk for You. You have taught me about bread.

Yesterday morning I woke-up so happy. I had one more thing that I had to do to finish out for my Christmas this year. I got in my car and traveled around the corner to pick up Becky. We headed down the road to Wal-Mart before work. We each got a buggy and started traveling down the food aisles. Reaching and placing items in our buggy with happiness thinking about what was to come. Somehow we got separated down the aisles.

 I was over in the meat area when I ran into someone I know but I really don't know. We greeted each other with conversation. Who can go to Wal-Mart and not have at least one? LOLOLO We started talking about my buggy with food. I let her know the food was not for me that Becky and I were there with joy buying for a family that without this food would struggle to have such a meal. She went onto ask me a few questions not many. I looked at her as she reached into her purse and I heard the sound of the zipper being opened. She gave me a hundred dollar bill to give to the family. I hugged her as tight as I could. In a few second's she reached back into her purse and gave me two hundred more to add to the hundred. She asked me another question and reached back into her purse and handed me another hundred to add to the three hundred. I stood amazed. Remember I don't know her very well Jesus. She is tough as a freaking nail. Almost no filter to her thoughts that I do know. LOLOLOLO I hugged her again walking off crying. I ran with the buggy to find Becky to tell her of such news of the giver. 

We walked out with three buggies packed with food. We walked out with four one hundred dollar bills to be delivered.

Jesus is it amazing to watch a door open and see You standing looking at Your eyes. The whole family came out kids and all helping us get all the bags out of the car. Laughter You heard. The kids never complained about the trips made back and forth in the drizzling rain for they truly know the meaning of such. I was carrying the last bags of bread. Lots of bread Jesus from rolls to french bread. The young girl stood as I was getting ready to pass her in such a small entry way. She clasped her hands firmly together toward her face and said, "Aww Bread." I held it together and lowered my head and said, "The Bread of Life!" I knew it was You.

Jesus when the car was unloaded the mother stood in the drizzling rain crying. The kids were over joyed. The dad just stood without many words. I walked around the car and placed in his hand without him knowing the four one hundred dollar bills.

I woke-up to do something for You but in return You gave me a gift of seeing, "The Bread of Life!"

Thank You!

I Love You,

Cathy knows how to tug on your heart!  I do wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas from the mister and me!


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