Saturday, December 3, 2016

How To Add Blue and White To Your Tree For Almost Free

I want to share with you in this post how to add blue and white to your tree for almost free!  On my last post I shared with you my blue and white plates over my mantel and ornaments on my Christmas tree with the same colors of that pretty bold blue and white.  This is distinctly different from the navy and white you see frequently.  This blue pops with the white and isn't as subdued as the navy is.  It's much more vibrant.  I have been looking for a way to bring blue to the tree this year and found the ornaments to be so expensive.  So I have been pouring over past photos and it clicked with the blue and white I found.  In fact I found many shades of blue and decided this would work the best with the plates and give me the look I was after.

I have seen ladies painting white ornaments with a blue and white look.  Fantastic idea if you are good at that.  I am not a crafter.  I can't draw, paint or sew. This is the basic idea and you can run with it anyway you want.  It is not a new idea but one that I was reminded of when trying to find a way to bring the colors I wanted to my Christmas tree.


I love fabric and wallpaper and how different colors are used together.  That's how I usually do my Christmas trees.  Many colors used together that up the eye candy.  That's also what made me eventually lead to doing this.  I pulled out some of my favorite pieces of blue fabrics.  One is just a pillowcase from Pottery Barn but I have always loved the colors.  Another is a table runner.  There's fabric left from my drapes in the living room.  There's a blue toile.  But I couldn't bear to cut them up.


So with a color cartridge in the printer, I went about making my ornaments.  Fabric being copied, I wasn't sure which I would use or if I would use them all.


A Pottery Barn look to be had for pennies if desired.


I used a coaster as my shape to use.  Tracing the circle and cutting them out.  I attached photo paper on the back.  A little white glitter around the edges gives it a more festive look.  This is where many of you can do much much more!  But it was the blue and white fabric you see at the bottom of the pile in the above photo that ultimately was the choice.  It isn't a decorating fabric but a blouse of mine!  So think outside the box, it helps you come up with a look that is more suited to your taste.





  1. Beautiful Jan. I never thought of photocopying fabric before. I enjoy your blog. Your tree is gorgeous, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Thel! I really hadn't either but was determined to get the look I was after. Thank you for visiting!