Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Living Room 2016

Today there a few glimpses of Spring in the living room.  The morning sun brightens the room.  Have you noticed the light is different this time of year?  It seems yellow, or is that the pollen?!


The morning sun just beginning to lighten up the know there are always flowers to be seen, whether inside or out.



Azaleas behind the sofa and on the coffee table.  I decorate in a way that I hope takes time to take in.  Not one for minimal decorating! I love a room that is interesting.  I have always been drawn to a look where there are many places to sit and lounge and socialize if wanted, a room full of rugs, pillows and art.  A room that is large enough to have company and not sit on top of each other but arranged that when desired can sit close to family.  A room where nothing is too precious for relaxing and putting up your feet.  A room that is pretty but not formal.  No formality here!


This day's mantel.  I am newly in love with changing it often.  Today it's roses.


This weekend the mantel wore wisteria and azaleas.


The brass pitcher was a wedding gift so many years ago sitting on a tray.


Silver and gold frames of family with azaleas to soften the look.


The mirror that was on the mantel is to your far right now....there on top of the red skirted table beside the bookshelf.  Considered busy by many, a look that spells comfort to me.


The mirror amazed me how well it reflects the light here.


The mirror was paired with a candelabra and I just brought out touches of Spring including azaleas, an African violet and a cabbage plate.  Framed cherubs always make me happy.


Just a few Japanese Magnolia blooms left on the tree next to our huge azalea bush in the back yard.


Right around the curve in the lane from us is this perfect picture of Spring.


A difficult room to photograph with it being long enough to have separate zip codes.


Layla is in here, do you see her?  She's wearing a red sweater.  Jacques left a view of his rear end.  They are in plain sight but difficult to see.  Who will spot them first?  I almost got the photo taken without them in here!


This table has a small Monet framed print and just enough room for a pretty plate and a small silver piece displaying azaleas.  It sits on the opposite side of the sofa and next to the fireplace.  The armoire originally housed our tv and now is used for storage.  Rumor has it a blogger needs lots of storage. Wink, wink!


The blue in the table runner spills into the blue rug.



I have thrown my back out so I am taking it easy.  I hope you have a great week!



  1. Good Morning! What a lovely post! The African Violets got me and now I have to go get myself one. Thanks for all the lovely pictures. I hope you back is better soon.

    1. Thanks Princess! I am icing with frozen butter beans along with aspirin as I type this and it is helping a lot. My African Violets were a gift from me to my mother, she always loved them and had no luck with growing them. They are faux but very much alive to me with memories. I know you will have great success!

  2. Hi Jannie Pooh! Oh, everything is just beautiful and you certainly know how to make pretty! I've pinned a few of your living room snaps! Love always seeing flowers in your pretty house.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. You are always just too kind, Sheila! Thank you!

  3. English Country Cottage at its best! Love your style!

  4. "Have you noticed the light is different this time of year? It seems yellow, or is that the pollen?!" hahahaha everything at my house is yellow!
    I do love the morning light coming in my windows. I love it so much that I started an album called Chiaroscuro to capture some of my favorite photos.