Monday, April 18, 2016

The Past

I thought I would share some photos with you from the early years in our home.  The photo quality is poor so please look beyond that.  Some of the photos look like I have a ghost hanging around!  Nah, I am just kidding you!  There are some with a little wispy cloudiness in them though.  Let's take a look.


My living room is just a tad dark here.  I really liked it at first but it wasn't long before the walls were repainted a lighter green.  You can't miss that floral sofa, that was the late eighties and early nineties.  But you know me, I love florals.  I still have the art, pine coffee table and my daughter (which will be in a few photos) is all grown up.  You will recognize alot of the things in the photos because I don't buy alot of stuff.  I try to just have what I love and no fillers.  Red was in full swing then too.


I was always rearranging then as well.  The green striped curtains were made for this room but are in our bedroom now.  The carpet looks dark in this photo but was really light actually.


You can see I am using the same print once again on my mantel.  Don't shoot me but I do love carpet and miss it!  The room felt so big and it was so comfortable.  I do like the look of wood too.


My red sofas just delivered from the furniture store.  My Gaston, my male schnauzer, was testing it out.  I miss him, he was fifteen when he passed.


Here is my mister in the dining area.  The stairs to the left, we used light wood thoughout the house.


This armoire was built to use for my daughter when she was a baby.  We lived in a really old house then and her bedroom didn't have a closet.  We were so cool, we pickled this back in 1992!  When we built our home I used it in the dining room and often changed it out with different decorating looks.  I changed out the fabric I used as a background pretty often.  Here you see I am using the remnants from the drapes made for the living room.  Now that we have computers and a blog, it is used for storage.  I really miss 'playing' with it.


Here you can see how I added Christmas lights and a lamp was on often in it.  This is one of my nieces and she is all grown up now.  I don't have alot of photos of the house without people in them.  Remember how it was before blogs?  You took photos of people!


The armoire and mantel were made with the same wood as my kitchen cabinets and stairs.


The kitchen was very young here.  I was decorating with lots of birdhouses and wisteria then.  With time the cabinets have yellowed and I am trying to decide which way I want to go.


Light wood throughout the house.  Without a rug the room echos so I will always use a rug under the table.  I love rugs, they bring so much warmth to a room.


I do miss the fabrics that were so easily found then.


Lots of light carpet!  I have no idea why the left wall looks so strange.

Our bedroom with a more dramatic look.  I liked this look but prefer it lighter and less serious in here.


Our bathroom with pink marble surrounding the tub and is on my countertops in here.  Floral wallpaper that I still love is still on the walls.  I obviously didn't catch the dead leaf before I took the photo.  That hasn't changed for me.  I have taken so many photos and it is usually after I have published the post that I see something obviously wrong in a photo!  Perfectionism is overrated, I say!  The bathroom looks exactly the same, I haven't changed one thing in here.  Well, I did take the floral swag down.


My daughter's bedroom when I got to pick it all out.  So that was a blast from the past.  I hope you enjoyed time traveling with me.



  1. Hi Jannie! Oh, how fun looking back at your lovely home. Love seeing your darling little girl! It's something how styles change and how our decorating changes. I used to have my kitchen filled with geese! :)
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Jan,
    Your home is absolutely lovely, dear friend!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the "Blast from the Past" Home Tour!
    My Master Bedroom in the Dream Home on the other side of the Prairie
    had similar color palette and decor. . .only Cranberry Stripe Draperies!
    Thank you for inviting me into a glimpse of a time gone by in your life!