Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bathing In Romance

Does it seem like we have lost a lot of romance in our lives today?  Did we let go of the romantic look in our home's decor?  Has it gone a little to the masculine side?  Let's remind ourselves how nice a romantic feel or look is to live with.  Let's look at bathing in romance!

A large ornate mirror leaning against the wall and behind the clawfoot tub.  Pretty detailing on the towel and the wisp of fabric along with the soft flowers give this a romantic look.


A red ceiling and red toile give this bathroom drama.  A chandy and prints give more interest.  The drapes soften the room.  I adore this style!

Dear Daisy Cottage seen here.

Another view of the same bathroom looking toward the tub.  Garden statue on the right and an urn filled with sea shells on the left with that background of red toile.  Warm colors and natural light pouring in the room, isn't this gorgeous with it's color and drama?!


A very handsome bath.  An array of 18th- and 19th-century prints line the master bath, alongside French brass café mirrors and antique sconces.  The green drapes soften the room dramatically.

Architectural Digest - Anouska Hempel

Not a bathroom but you know these two have a romantic side to them.  It's a wonderful photo, a moment between actors Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt.  I thought they might add to the 'romantic' vibe!

Did you know Anthony looked like this when he was younger?!

Anthony Hopkins

Gorgeous!  You could bathe like a queen here.   The fabric appears to be anchored to the ceiling with two different colors.  The heavily patterned wallpaper gives the room a sense of coziness.  The beautiful gold mirror is just that beautiful!  It looks like the bed is reflected in the mirror.

Hotel Chateau - Guetsch Victoria Suite

Yes, the bed is reflected in the mirror!  Wow!  Speaking of romantic.....You can find the link here.

Impossibly gorgeous!

A yummy fireplace by the tub and it sits inside the bedroom.

Floral Colefax and Fowler wallpaper ~ Lazonby Manor, Cumbria home of David Williams-Ellis

This is wonderful!  The chandelier over the tub, the curtains, the furniture being used in the bathroom and that tub are just perfect.  The pink towels and robes make it look so cozy.

Interior designer Muriel Dana renovated this home in France.  Photographer Christoffe Rouffio.  Image here.

Vintage art and mirror over vintage wallpaper.

House and Garden - UK

A pretty light filled bathroom.

Traditional Home

Harper's Bazaar - Lady de Rothschild seen here.

I do love the brass look, it's timeless.  This should please all the chippy rusty ladies and this is the real thing, not altered.
Country Living

The vanity looks like a piece of furniture, see the pulls.  It appears to have a marble sink with wonderful wallpaper. There's layers of art sitting on the counter against the wall.   Loving the window treatment with the curtain pulled to the side and the wooden blinds underneath for privacy.  I love a room that is put together like this with so many interesting things to look at.  It feels very private as well.

Seen on 52 Flea.

Kate Forman Designs

Neil Hill's


Lonny Magazine


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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous collection of romanticness! I recently did a whole makeover on my bedroom to make it more romantic and I LOVE it! Next is my guest bathroom. You posted some great ideas.