Sunday, June 29, 2014

Water Or Not?

Hello!  I think we will stay in for a bit today.  I tried to take a few photos outside but my glasses kept steaming up and so did the lens on my camera.  It feels very humid to me.  I won’t talk about my hair today. However I did get it cut and now I have to blonde it up a bit more since the gray ~ no ~ I mean brown hair is peeping through, in case you wanted to know. Ha!  I cut some hydrangeas today and brought them in.

The coke glass looks pretty with them too.  It’s short but the green of the glass with the green in the flowers are very pretty.  My daughter took all the mason jars and I like to try different looks.

Now that hydrangeas are starting to turn I have to decide how I will dry them.   From what I have read you are supposed to wait until fall to cut your hydrangea blooms or wait until they are turning fallish colors.  Fallish colors on this bush is the green and pink.  Also you are supposed to put some water in the container and let it evaporate for them to retain their colors better.  Or you can put them in a container with no water for them to dry.   How do you do yours?
Shells from many trips to the beach.
I decided to let them dry on my mantel.  Last year I had them scattered about and they can take up a lot of room.  They are already pretty and why hide them when they are drying?  These were my mother’s glasses.

Flour canister part of a set my mother bought my grandmother many many years ago.  I use it a lot.  It shows how smart I am, Flour and I put flowers in it, see!!

Turning green and pink.


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