Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Fathers

Very Old Family Bible

Tokens of Lives Lived

A Birth Remembered

Old Roses in a French Press

Cup For Shaving Cream

Time Has Long Past

He Smoked a Pipe






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Savvy Southern Style


  1. Great photos, especially the ones of the roses.
    Have a great week, Janet.

  2. Thanks Marigene! So sweet of you to say!

  3. Beautiful and touching with the roses, Very sweet.

  4. Thank you Wanda! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. What a lovely tribute. I'm with the other ladies...the old roses in the French press is a very cool addition to the vignette! It's like a picture where time has kind of stood still in a way. Very cool! That baby record booklet is another really cool part of the vignette. That has to be from many, many years ago!

    Very sweet. A perfect rendering of how we view Father's Day.

  6. Wonderful way to pay tribute to a role model in any lucky womans life!....My G'pa used to have a shaving mug/cup....oh the memories this brought back. Thanks for sharing it at