Wednesday, June 25, 2014

She Was Only Two

How do I use a passage from a book or words from a song as if I didn’t know you?  Coke floats on summer Sunday afternoons.  A chocolate sheet cake for every birthday.  Watermelon outside under the dogwood tree.  You delighted in our childhood.

Strong to have survived so much.  You walked alone to tell others of your mother’s death.  Your father passed when you were two.  Motherless, you were still a child at fifteen.  You were sent to boarding school.  Then you completed your education and became a teacher.

But goodness came into your life.  Much joy!  You married well, he was so kind and humble, a man of God.  But you were forced to give up your profession.  Society’s rules back then dictated no married women could teach.   You had your own children of three.   I well remember watching you two holding hands well after your hair had turned grey.

And later your daughter married.  At last you would see the first set of children coming to be.  Later your older son gave you two more.

You were a sister.


You lost your younger son.


And later a grandmother to your daughter’s children of four.


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