Monday, June 26, 2017

Summer Garden

First of all I want to thank Pam for hosting this Gardens Galore Party.  What a fun idea!  Welcome to our backyard!  We live in the deep South so Spring and Summer weather comes very early compared to some of the nation.

It's a simple yard but a sea of trees here.  I didn't want a manicured, follow the lines yard but something that felt more natural almost like a park setting.  We don't have a garden of vegetables but have planted bulbs by the fence.  They haven't performed yet but we see lots of growth and leaves but no flowers yet except for a couple of gladiolus.  We have blue hydrangeas blooming across the yard next to the woodline.  All blue except for one purple blooming bush.

Early on we had pretty irises blooming.

The wisteria was plentiful.

Purple hydrangea colors range from pinky to definite purple.

One lacecap hydrangea bush as well.

May brought color to the porch with lots of potted plants in an assortment of colors.

Hollyhocks were a welcome addition.

Crape myrtles should bloom lavender but they have been stubbornly resisting blooming.

The dahlias are not producing yet this year.  This is from last year.  I am growing anxious about them.

Not one sunflower this year, they never came up.

One zinnia has emerged.  It's a sad sad situation.  Of course this is from last year as well.

I think he agreed.

Rose of Sharon is looking very pretty this year.

The Magnolia trees have been taunting me with blooms just high enough that I couldn't reach them.  Meanwhile while riding through town I could have just plucked one off the trees the blooms were so low.  There was one tree in particular that tried to seduce me into taking just one bloom but I didn't want to get shot so I didn't touch it.  Only to find the whole tree cut down the next time I went by it.

This was the garden early in the year last year but we are puny this year so far.

On the other side of the wooden fence are two shrubs.  I don't know the name as I have seen them called different things.  Let's see...Chaste tree, Texas Lilac, Buddleia (Butterfly bush).

But this is what I thought was a butterfly bush.  Anyone know?  I saw these in town and went to buy some at a nursery and they sold us the above bushes.

The blue hydrangeas next to the porch are turning green super fast this year.

We have had three oleanders for several years now.

Deep purple petunia

Pink petunias

To the far right is one of our banana plants growing.  They are usually much taller by now but we had a cool Spring.  They also got ran over by the lawnmower at least once early this year!  But we have several scattered around the perimeter of the yard.

On the left side of the banana plants are my canna.


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