Monday, June 26, 2017

Garden Changes

Thanks to Pam at Everyday Living Blog, for hosting a garden party this morning!  The yard is in transition now.  We have had so much more rain with the tropical storm Cindy not moving away quickly.  I don't have any roses as she knocked them all off but this was how they were shortly before.  The rain knocked off the oleander blooms as well.  I haven't been able to get out in the yard it will literally soak your feet with shoes on.

Surprise! Surprise!  We have a precious few zinnias and I am keeping my fingers crossed we will get enough for at least a couple of pitchers full this summer.

My daughter gifted my mister a lantana for Father's Day.  I hid it outside in plain sight for over a week and he didn't see it!  It has to be planted very soon.

The mister is very sensitive to sweets so he got to munch on a fruity dessert.

It's chopped honey crisp apple, halved grapes, orange gelatin and whipped cream.  My daughter made it, she and the mister like that sort of dessert.

Our hydrangeas are turning colors now.  Everything from blue to green to green with pink or a little of all on one head. This was a very blue hydrangea, remember how they looked?

Yes, same bush!


We went out to a local nursery and I picked up one of these hydrangeas that is supposed to bloom until Fall.  I have my fingers crossed.   Each bush has several different colored blooms on it.  Don't cut it back and it will bloom more, it reads on the label.

I thought this was cute.  They had so many plants and all looked so healthy.


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  1. Your garden is so very beautiful and love to see more when your knock out roses come back and bloom and i love all your very beautiful picture that you have shown us and keep your wonderful and beautiful garden a coming for us to see. May God Bless You.