Monday, June 22, 2015

The Coffee Table

Hello!  How are y'all doing today?  Good!  I wanted to talk with you about styling  your coffee table.  Do you?  I do when I have a post showing my living room.  Of course I need to add interest so you will come back and see me!  But for everyday it can be a kinda sorta thing.  You know maybe a few books out and some faux/fresh flowers.  I don't feel like I HAVE to though.  Let's go look at these rooms and talk about it.

Bunny Williams ~ Wonderful warm room with warm texture from the wood and fabrics.  The bookcase is absolutely perfect.  It really warms the room and is visually a cocoon!  Now let's talk about the coffee table.  There's nothing on it but a few books.  There is absolutely no reason or need for anything more in this room, she would probably take away from the space by adding anything more.  When you have a room that is visually this 'full' you don't have to worry about styling the coffee table.  'Full' is to fill your eyes and mind with color, pattern and texture as if you were eating a hearty meal and then you don't have room for dessert.

One Kings Lane ~ The room is giving you a beautiful sofa to start with.  I am in love!  Notice the pillows that don't 'match' it, perfect!  There is the patterned rug and artwork directly behind the sofa with shelves suggesting a bookcase.  No styling the coffee table here.  The books are stacked giving an allover feeling of English clutter which you see in many homes and I adore it.

Carolina Irving ~ Let's just say this looks like the most inviting space.  Can I please come over?  Beautiful light coming in with the blue and white striped rug and collection of art hanging.  The bookcases just make you want to stay for a day.  This coffee table is higher and is usually viewed as a more formal look but is perfect here giving you a spot for your tea.

Elle Décor ~ Beautiful color and pattern!  No styling needed although it would show better with a throw and a few books.  A few kids and popcorn with a dog asleep on the sofa and it's home.

Cathy Kincaid ~ No need for it here!  A comfortable room with an amazing window showing nature outside.

Caroline Irving ~ Same room as the Caroline Irving shown earlier but on the other side and taken at a different time.  The fabric on the table goes wonderfully and 'fills' the space.  Books around a floral piece.

Southern Living ~ I do like the green apples and floral arrangement here.  Pillows with a little more color on the sofa would be better, taking  that color from the arrangement and it would be more pleasing to the eye.

The liberal use of color and the pattern on the rug, along with the bookcase and valance insures no need for clutter on the coffee table unless wanted.

Charlotte Moss ~  She added books and beautiful roses.  Visually stunning anyway and  just an option.

Me ~ The table had greenery with red berries which was left from Christmas.  It was an option but as you see the room is very 'full'.

Harper's Bazaar ~ I do appreciate the way this table is featured.  The basket with the greenery ties in beautifully with the room's colors and adds more texture.

Kitty Bartholomew ~ She added fresh fruit to the table but it was an option, not necessary.

Penny Morrison ~ Do you see how much this room looks like Kitty's? Look at the wall color!  The colors in the drapes and Kitty's red checked chairs!  Timeless colors!  Looks like she is serving tea but again it's an option.


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