Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Beauties

Hey everyone!  I want to share a little June beauty with you today.  The hydrangeas are getting their blue on and they bring a lot of color and happiness inside.
I have had the print of the blue flower for many years.   Did you notice the blue toile container?

Oh my goodness, did you see Dorinda's house on Bravo New York housewives show?

I turned on both TV's downstairs and watched the house.  It is gorgeous!  She had a royal blue/navy living room and my mouth was on the floor it was so beautiful.

Her walls are lacquered.  Or they appear to be.  That is a good way to have a dark color in a room because the high gloss reflects the light.  Oh gosh, this is going to drive me crazy and I am going to want to go back blue.  Only I am sure I can't afford the two blue velvet sofas she has.  Beautiful!

Her chairs in the dining room look very familiar to me.  I have a friend that has a sofa covered in a similar fabric. Yes, Anna, that would be you!   Oh, I just could go on all day!

She lives in the Berkshires.  I don't know what the problem is but the ladies had definite opinions about the Berkshires like it isn't a great place to live.

Of course there was a lot of drama.  What's up with Heather?  Doesn't she know you can't go up against Bethany?  No one sent her the memo!

Oh, I know I shouldn't waste my time on that show.   I am always shocked  their behavior.  Who knew they were so bad?

Do you watch the show?



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