Thursday, June 18, 2015

Avenues with April

Hey!  Y'all ready for Father's Day this weekend?  I hope you have a great weekend.  My daughter  planted these zinnias from seed and they are doing very well.  They are my bounty for today!

She has begun a blog and I hope you get a chance to go and check her out.  It's Avenues with April and she is on blogger so it's!  She loves to cook so she started with a recipe and is an excellent writer.  Here is the link.

She is a freelancer writer and photographer.


This is from her first post.    Fried Green Tomatoes. There seems to be no other fried delight that quite matches my love of these crispy slices of the South.

I love everything about fried green tomatoes. It's a thoroughly down-home, economical dish that has taken the world by storm since Fannie Flagg's eponymous book and movie. Though, against popular belief, this dish probably did not originate in the South (Read Robert F. Moss's blog about it originating in Jewish cookbooks here), it surely is one of the most Southern foods I can think of. 
 I love slicing these tomatoes and enjoying the beautiful visual texture of the fruit. It's a beautiful contrast from ripe tomatoes (which I love equally!). It amazes me how a fruit being ripe or unripe can create two vastly different culinary staples.

By the way Happy Father's Day to all the fellows!

And especially to my hubby!





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