Sunday, February 22, 2015

Shades of Green

Hey!  How are ya’ll?  I love the color green.  Do you?  I am excited to share several rooms of green with you!   Green works with every color.  Of course it does, just look out the window.  Do you ever get tired of trees and grass?  Don’t they just slow you down and relax you?!  Green is known as a serene color.   It is the truest neutral color, at least in my opinion.  I never get tired of it like I do other colors.

Green can be cool and refreshing.  Susan Ryder Artist

It compliments other colors like no other color can.  Charlotte Moss

See all the beautiful colors from the garden.  Flower room ~ Charlotte Moss

Hamish Bowles ~ Vogue editor

Green can be a warm color when it’s cold outside.  Kitty Bartholomew

Better Homes and Garden

Designer Ce Ce Thompson of Bunny Williams Inc.

Richard Halberg Design ~ Veranda

Phoebe Howard

Beautiful Kitchens Magazine Photo by Gustav Schiege

This Old House photo by John Ellis

RIB Gary McBournie

Vignette Design Blog

Vignette Design blog ~ Dining Room

La Von Kersting

House Beautiful ~ Allison Paladino Designer

Country Living  Kevin Reiner

New Traditional Living Room via Baers


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