Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chit Chat with Cathy

Hey!  How are ya’ll today?  I have a special post today to share with you.  We will be visiting with Cathy.  Cathy is a well known designer/ decorator in my area.  She works on homes and businesses with design and decorating.  She has been involved in decorating many weddings and just get out of her way at Christmas!

Cathy is a fireball full of energy.  Gregarious with a personality that warms everyone she meets, she has met adversity head on and triumphed battling breast cancer.  She brings laughter wherever she goes.

Cathy is involved in multiple projects at a time.  She is involved in design in many ways and stays on top of what’s happening in the design world.

Down to earth and willing to get dirty she has transformed her home into a showplace that is cozy and comfortable.   Committed to her Christianity, she has a” Share It All” motto.

First we will get to see her ‘back porch’ which you can tell is a lot more than that!  These are Cathy’s words.

Very simple outside living! Stain concrete. Bought table for $125.00 and painted it. LARGE MIRROR. Little table given to me. Chandelier found in trash. Plants and you got it….  you can do this I know it!

Just treat your outside like you would the inside. It is that easy, use mirrors,, tables, lamps, chandlers, whatever you love….. SIMPLE!

When you learn to go massive your world will change! Never Fear!

The first thing I do after a long day of work is get barefooted…..My screened in porch!

I searched for a sofa for two years…yes you read it correct!  I found it last week.  I have never been one to just buy ~ got to “LOVE”!  Love my sofa!

This was my first flower bed I did years ago. This is so who I am with outside living… Not perfect but a New Orleans feel my favorite…. Now I am starting on closing in my front with this same look… Remember do not go from one area to another just keep adding to what you last planted let it carry you….

Every tree, bush, whatever, that stuff was taken out. I wanted a front area that could be used like a porch but different. Had the cement put down and took it to the top with Pergola.  I wanted it as close to a New Orleans feel as I could get…. When shopping for a home be careful not to turn your nose up at a little home that needs a little love! THINK!  Love, Cathy


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