Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's Still Fall

Hello! How are you today? It has been so cold for most of us, hasn’t it?  I just put a few photos together to share with you.  It is still Fall and  we can enjoy the next week before December.

I have been watching and waiting on this tree to ‘bloom’.  It is such a beauty of red.

I picked some beauties out of the back yard.  Too pretty to ignore.

All the lights were off except for this one lamp and the pumpkins jumped out at me.

Did you climb trees?  I did a little.  My grandmother had one tree in particular that I loved to climb.  Limbs hung low on the tree which made it an ease to climb.   I wasn’t much of a tomboy so there weren’t many trees I could climb.

My neighbor’s Bradford pear tree.

White china on a rough picnic table.  This rough picnic table resembles the things we should all be thankful for this time of the year.  Some things in our lives aren’t sugar coated, painted fresh, bright and gleaming.  But they are there, they have always been there.  The support of our family love, shared between generations.   They might not be picture perfect like a post card.  They might have scratches and dents, scars and memories.  But the support of those wooden beams are much like the love of our family.  It will continue like it always has through bright and gleaming times and times of  stormy weather.

 Words by April Garon


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