Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall Dining

Hey! How are ya’ll? There’s a small table on the back porch waiting for us. I am so glad you came by, I have hot apple turnovers and lattes with cinnamon.

But the cold air is on its way so we better enjoy sitting outside while we can.

Tarnished silver creamer and sugar.

Red Maple Tree, oh how I love these trees!  This is my neighbor’s but hopefully we can plant one this Spring.

This is definitely my favorite time of the year, what about you?  Living in the deep south, we are now seeing fall colors all around us.

Ran across these vintage plates years ago.

You can see our little forest back there.  Before we put up a fence we had deer come up to the house a good bit.  One morning I was sitting in the living room and looked out the window and a huge buck was staring at me through the window.  I couldn’t breathe!  It was magical!  We have a lot of deer down here but it’s always exciting to see one.  It makes me feel like a young girl that just saw Dasher.


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