Saturday, October 25, 2014

Turnip Roots and Roses

Hey!  How are you?  I’ve been playing around with a Fall vignette again.  The buffet is still decorated and I wanted to share the dining table so you can see them decorated together.   The light can be tricky in here so I took a few inside and then took the party outside.  Lots of color on the table and everywhere in the dining area!

Copper, old burgundy throw, green velvet pumpkin, roses and a rooster was the beginning of this. I always loved burgundy and as you can see I have it or some variation of it in here.   Than I went to the grocery store and bought some Fall produce!

Took these outside for some close ups.   Turnip roots have the prettiest color!

Roses, fennel and red cabbage among others.

This is my Sonny boy!  He likes getting his picture taken!  My daughter was right beside the table in case he decided to jump out.

And back inside.  Are you a tweaker?  I can’t leave seasonal decorating alone, so if you notice the vignette is still evolving.  I imagine I will keep ‘playing’ with it up until I start decorating for Christmas!


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