Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall, The Fair and a Rooster

Hey!  How are ya’ll?  A nod to fall for you today!

How fun is this?  Did you grow up trick or treating?  It was such a fun exciting almost holiday for us growing up.  Of course we just wore the plastic masks that made your face sweat and you couldn’t see a thing in front of you.  We carried brown paper grocery bags.  How much did you get?  Let’s pour it all  on the floor and see who got the best stuff.  Chocolate,  yay, I got lots of chocolate!  That’s the good stuff.

There was no fear of harm.   Just delighting in the rich reward for knocking on doors.

Two Indian girls who were away from their village foraging for wild food plants. One girl was dressed in yellow; the other, in lavender. When they returned to the village, it was being attacked by an enemy. Terrified, they ran into the woods crying out to be saved. The attacking warriors ran into the woods looking for the girls, but a medicine woman found them first. She took pity on them and poured magic over them. When the warriors arrived at the place where the girls encountered the medicine woman, all they found were the flowers of goldenrod and astor.

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According to old wives tale when the goldenrod blooms the first frost will be in one month.

Sea of gold.

A huge rooster!


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