Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pretty Pie Pumpkins

Hey!  How are you?  There’s been a little playing on the back porch today.  Let’s see what I have going on.

Pumpkins and light green roses.  There is also the brass pitcher with dried roses.

The light green roses look white they are so light.  Pie pumpkins that will make some yummy pies later.

Roses from the yard.  I pulled a sweet potato vine and looped it through.  Loving the burgundy fabric with the fall pumpkins!

I promise this is green in person!

A little silver on the table as well.

Isn’t this a pretty photo of the sky?  I have my blog name on it but my daughter took it.  We were riding in the car and the sunset was on her side and I got her to snap a couple for me.


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