Monday, July 7, 2014

After and Before

Hey Everybody!  I hope you had a great weekend and holiday!  We scooted on down the road and visited our daughter April.

 She has done a  before and after on her dining table.  I believe she did a great job!  It takes patience to get it right.  I don’t know if I would have had the patience needed but she stayed with it and it looks great.  Let’s start with the After….pretty first!

We arrived at her apartment while she was still at work. I can tweak things in her apartment when she’s gone and if she likes it she won’t move it back.

The mister went by the huge W store and saw they had patio sets marked way down.  Two chairs with a table. She definitely needed something for her patio.   Hmmmm….

He set it up outside and I was ‘playing’ with a pretty vignette on her newly redone table and I couldn’t believe how the chairs meant for outside looked perfect with her table.

Even the crepe myrtle blooms matched her chairs!

I think they were  meant to be!  She thought they were meant to be!

You can see this table advertised right now in many shops.

And on to the Before....

We didn’t think to get a before shot of this.   We really found some wonderful things that day for almost nothing.  It’s a thrill to find something you love but even a bigger thrill when you do find it and know you have saved money.

 Did I mention that it had started raining and the whole project moved inside my dining room?  Ugh, yes it did!  This was after she had sanded and was priming and painting.

There was lots of priming and painting and top coating……. Reminded me of my layers of makeup! Ha!

You can see the feet and know the whole table was that color.  The top was scratched up and really needed a lot of work.   April had sanded the top at this point.  She sanded with a handheld sander.

Vinyl spackle was used to repair a spot.

And this is the final Before!  It came a long way!


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  1. I love watering cans used for flowers so this is a real winner for me.